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Mobile apps can support your business to a large extent. Developing mobile apps arewe use not an easy job. So, to make this task easy and effective, you need a mobile app development company. Hiring a professional mobile app development company in Kochi can help you develop user-friendly and most-effective mobile apps.WebzGraph Technologies stands as the best mobile app development firm in Kochi. We offer mobile apps for android and iOS platforms. WebzGraph is a reliable and leading mobile app development company in Kochi. Our skilled team of mobile app developers create apps as per the user requirements and latest technologies.At WebzGraph, we create stunning mobile apps, which works well in the android and iOS mobile platforms.

Mobilize your Business With Android Apps!

Android apps are becoming a necessary factor in the success of almost every business. These apps are mainly for mobile devices supporting touch screen.Effective mobile apps can result in higher ROI.As of now, almost all people depend on the phone for their everyday activities. Android apps grab more customers as the number of android users is increasing day by day.Now, if you are in search of an app development company, then WebzGraph is one of the best places for you.WebzGraph creates quality android apps as per the customer’s requirements.

 Our mobile app development team analyze the project and do keen research to satisfy the needs of clients. We give utmost attention in designing and developing android mobile apps from scratch to end.With us, you can fulfil your ideas on how your mobile app should be. We designed and developed apps for several small, as well as large businesses. Our reliability and proficiency in developing and delivering android apps made us the leading mobile app development company in Kochi.Our android apps are reliable, cost-effective, and provides premium quality output. We use the latest technologies trends and techniques to develop and deliver the stunning mobile apps. Our app developers are highly efficient and have years of experience in various android development platforms. This includes XML, Android SDK, and much more. WebzGraph developed and provided mobile apps for various business sectors.

iOS tends to be a mobile operating system made by Apple. The user interface of iOS includes switches, buttons, and sliders. When it comes to iOS, Cocos2d is the network used for creating texts, images, and much more. This is the open-source software network. It is written once and can do changes if required.If you want to develop an iOS app for your business, get in touch with us now. WebzGraph is a mobile app development company based on Kochi. We are a group of talented and experienced mobile app developers. Our efficiency in making quality iOS app gave us several reliable clienteles. We created iOS apps for several business sectors. Our app developers are highly skilled to meet the customer requirements. We ensure that our apps satisfy all the specifications of our customers. Our team has developed iOS apps for small, medium, and large scale businesses.We at WebzGraph do deep research on client’s requirements to satisfy them with their needs. Our loyalty and dedication towards work made us the best mobile app development company in Kochi.

Optimize your iOS Apps and Rank High in App Stores!

Mobile applications are becoming the most essential factor for the growth of businesses. From booking a journey to ordering foods, everything is easily possible via mobile apps. However, having apps is not enough, proper optimization is also essential.App store optimization is a technique to market your iOS apps. Optimizing iOS apps is similar to how we optimize the website for increased website ranking. Play store optimization enhances the visibility of app stores like iOS and android app store. Increased visibility of mobile apps leads to an increase in traffic and higher ROI.If you want to optimize your iOS app store, then WebzGraph can be a suitable destination. We are a mobile app development company in Kochi. With us, you can get effective play store optimization services at a reasonable package. We can increase the visibility of your apps, which can lead to an increase in organic downloads. Our team put forward our utmost effort to increase the conversion rates of your business. With our experienced professionals, you can expect a higher ROI.

In this current scenario, mobile has overtaken the world of the desktop. Every people use mobile for one or the other reason. You can access almost everything from internet ranging from buying clothes to ordering foods.

As a result, mobile app development is becoming a necessary factor for every business. While mobile app development is becoming a trend, it’s also vital to have a look at the forms of app development.

Android is an open platform for mobile app development. Developers use the source code to customize the Android operating system during the phase of mobile app development. In the year 2016, more than 90 billion Android apps get downloaded. The Android platform offers a range of unique solutions to most of the problems associated with the app.

It is user-friendly, convenient, and versatile. Moreover, it is the most recommended app development platform to use for budding entrepreneurs and startups.

The latest version of Android is 9 Pie

iOS is maintaining a stable place in the market for more than 6 years. Normally, businesses choose iOS apps to enhance brand awareness. iOS app focuses usually on enterprises targeting countries with powerful economies. Moreover, Apple carries out certain strict rules for app developers to make their app listed in the iOS store.

The latest version of iOS 12.4.1 with AR and VR integration facility.

Hybrid apps are considered as compatible cross-platform, but leverage CSS, JS, and HTML. The apps are developed using Trigger.IO, Telerik Platform, Cordova, and Ionic Framework. Hybrid apps offer a faster development time with the usage of web technologies to utilize the core parts of the mobile app.

It is compatible with AngularJs, PaperJS, Ember, and React to develop web applications. 


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