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Measuring app success through mobile analytics

Measuring app success through mobile analytics

Do you have a user-friendly mobile application for your business? Is it live in the app store? If yes,then measuring its performance and success is very important. Your app might be highly instinctive in design and functions even smoother than you might expect. In fact, you might see the increase in the number of app downloads. Along with this, you may see certain comments as well.However, do you know how successful your app is? The success of every mobile app depends on the “Key Performance Indicators (KPI)” in the mobile app industry. To know how successful your app is, you must track the app’s performance against the KPIs of standard apps. The KPIs are the top metrics for the success of mobile apps.

You may get to know the number of people downloaded your mobile apps, but you may not know how many of them are using it.

There are several metrics to track the number of active app users. RetentionThis metric makes you clear on how many folks are returning to your app. It means you can get to know the % of people who’re returning to your app every month. For example, you can identify the number of users who have used the app in a specific month. Cohort AnalysisIt is quite often that people tend to download lots of apps and use only some among them. With cohort analysis, you can understand why users are reducing the usage of your mobile app. This can help you enhance retention and maintain long-term users for your app.Lifetime ValueLifetime Value is another important metric to measure the success of your mobile app. This metric can make you understand the value that each user can bring to your mobile app

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